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The Girl Who Came From Rags thumbnail
The Girl Who Came From Rags eAudiobook
Gracie Hart / Colleen Prendergast

Eliza Wild has come a long way from her hungry childhood days in a rented miner's cottage on Pit Lan..

Daughter of the Sea thumbnail
Daughter of the Sea eAudiobook
Sylvia Broady / Anne Dover

Jessica is grieving for her beloved father Jacob Kingdom a trawler owner fondly remembered by his cr..

From This Day Forward thumbnail
From This Day Forward eAudiobook
Beryl Matthews / Annie Aldington

As if everyday life in London's slums wasn't hard enough for Jane Roberts and her three children the..

The Lace Maiden thumbnail
The Lace Maiden eAudiobook
Evie Grace / Geoffrey Annis

Deal Kent 1817: In Deal's narrow alleyways amid the gloomy counting houses and muttering inns Louisa..

For a Mother's Sins thumbnail
For a Mother's Sins eAudiobook
Diane Allen / Anne Dover

It is 1870 and railway workers and their families have flocked to the wild and inhospitable moorland..

The River Flows On thumbnail
The River Flows On eAudiobook
Maggie Craig / Lesley Mackie

It’s 1925 and Kate Cameron is just sixteen when she’s taken on at a shipyard on the Clyde. Kate..

Now the War is Over thumbnail
Now the War is Over eAudiobook
Annie Murray / Annie Aldington

The Second World War has finally come to a close. Rachel Booker's husband has returned and the famil..

The Liverpool Matchgirl thumbnail
The Liverpool Matchgirl eAudiobook
Lyn Andrews / Julie Maisey

Liverpool 1901. The Tempest family is barely able to put food on the table. When Florrie falls ill w..

Lights of Liverpool thumbnail
Lights of Liverpool eAudiobook
Ruth Hamilton / Marlene Sidaway

The O'Neils who have lost brothers and sons into the bowels of London's East End keep watch over the..

The Bells of Burracombe thumbnail
The Bells of Burracombe eAudiobook
Lilian Harry / Nicolette McKenzie

When Stella Simmons comes to the Devonshire village of Burracombe to start her teaching career she i..

Liverpool Daughter thumbnail
Liverpool Daughter eAudiobook
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover

Liverpool 1940. As the Luftwaffe turns its attention to Liverpool Shane Quinn decides to move his fa..

Polly's Angel thumbnail
Polly's Angel eAudiobook
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover

1936. Polly's guardian angel has to work overtime when her large family is forced to move from the c..

The Bobby Girls' Secrets thumbnail
The Bobby Girls' Secrets eAudiobook
Johanna Bell / Helen Keeley

1915. Irene Maggie and Annie are proud members of the newly renamed Women's Police Service. While Br..

The Orphan's Dream thumbnail
The Orphan's Dream eAudiobook
Dilly Court / Annie Aldington

Mirabel Cutler was raised by her father to be a lady. But when he dies suddenly Mirabel finds hersel..

The Soldier's Return thumbnail
The Soldier's Return eAudiobook
Rosie Meddon / Penelope Freeman

Kate Channer is settled in London helping her half-sister Naomi as housekeeper while the Great War r..